The greatest of tales as narrated by TIME
Witnessed to go beyond eternity
it’s about a journey
That started with a little warmth
A magical experience so soothing and calm
Minutes passed and then did hours
Gradually, the warmth turned Cruel to heat unbearable
Species of all kind, started to pale
The journey slowed down, even came to a halt
Life was about to declare its extinct
Glaring up to the sky with hands two folded
They decided to pray for a little mercy
It happened then – a secret miracle
The Sun metamorphosed to a Moon
Bringing a breeze to shower the life
The Orange started to turn into white
There was no heat, the journey was smooth
Life, taking its time to relish the cool
Inevitable, the cool progressed to freeze
They all had to wake up from their dream
Once more, they all decided to pray
Looked up to the sky, then closed their eyes
Their lips murmured a few words of magic
And the Moon metamorphosed to the Sun

Zigyasa Kakkar from Mysestina 


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