I crossed the hurdles all
I stepped on the thorns
my feet bled yet I had no plans to stop
kept going, taking the wind on my face
held the falling trees in the storm

there came a moment then
it made me feel human
a little weak, a little fragile
I so thought of giving up

days passed and then passed weeks
I measured the length of my absence
absence from my zeal
absence from my fire within

as i looked inside of me deep
I still could find a little spark still struggling
never refusing to give up to remain lit
it fought courageously all the darkness around

and I am, yes I am
still sparkling with the tiny spark
starting to look out for the day
with all my courage and my will

and I am, yes I am
to become the FIRE myself one day
to glow to the purity

until nothing could think of putting me off again
I shall light until eternity

Zigyasa Kakkar

~ from Mysestina 


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