His name was Afzal, no more than seven, A child innocent, a victim of war, Just a few days back, I had met him, While, covering the bombings in Afghanistan, The sight of the blasts horrendous & scary, With lifeless bodies, ripped off flesh, A few of them who survived the blasts, Ran, for a … Continue reading Hope


The greatest of tales as narrated by TIME Witnessed to go beyond eternity it’s about a journey That started with a little warmth A magical experience so soothing and calm Minutes passed and then did hours Gradually, the warmth turned Cruel to heat unbearable Species of all kind, started to pale The journey slowed down, … Continue reading Metamorphosis


Go ahead, fly with your wings of imagination Would you please today, smile for no reason Be a super soul, save lives around the world Must you fight the fire, like you are the fire yourself Dive in the ocean, dare to swim along with the whales Swing with the waves, like you are the … Continue reading Dream

Time Travel

To Reach Out To Those Days To reach out to those days of innocence Togetherness, as we shared those laughs Not sitting in front of the TV screens But while eating a meal delicious To reach out to that sense of security While we played in the community park Hearty laughs, climbing up the trees … Continue reading Time Travel


Desire to be born again I need to wash away the dust in my eyes It made my vision blurred I couldn’t see the truth I need to cleanse my thoughts of evil My cravings, my desires How greed filled me, empowered me I need to run away from the shadows of the ghosts Dark … Continue reading Reborn


I searched the earth looked up in the sky I searched in deep looked for the answer my soul craved remained unanswered I questioned the almighty begged for enlightenment desperate to know who is the one which is supernatural and when my soul spoke to me it softly whispered into my beating heart the one … Continue reading Supernatural


I crossed the hurdles all I stepped on the thorns my feet bled yet I had no plans to stop kept going, taking the wind on my face held the falling trees in the storm there came a moment then it made me feel human a little weak, a little fragile I so thought of … Continue reading Fire


My heart ached As my eyes bled Pain in my soul Remain trapped I stayed calm My tears creamed hard Melted all my sorrow Traveling their way From my cheeks to my toes YOU Are you too another ME? Are you too gulping your own blood For they silenced US When we had words to … Continue reading Silence

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