Hope is courage. Hope is the strength. Being like the last piece of breath, the last drop of water, the last breath you take, hope requires courage to live on the last of everything you have. Hope is that faint, vague presence of light in complete darkness. I believed and then I did not, I … Continue reading Hope


And now she rises, immortal, From the million fallen pieces, The ones she combined after all, Afraid of the dark faces, She feared every fall, For she be but still fragile, She still grew inside her, Like the little fire, cold for a while, And that which burnt bigger now, Somewhere deep within, It made … Continue reading METAMORPHOSIS


A fairytale, a love story, A person, a sweet memory, A life I want, I want to be alive, So into the dream world I dive! She is a dreamer, a day dreamer. She day-dreams at night too! She sleeps not, because she is planning. She is working out a way to live the life … Continue reading Dream

Time Travel

The Guest As always, she sat there, writing. Something very intense and dark, the usual genre she wrote. She was so fierce in her thoughts, so quick with the pen and paper, engrossed enough to not notice the feather light wind that traced her hair. But soon, she was shadowed, by a large figure standing … Continue reading Time Travel


Starting where every haunted story starts. A dark room. I sat under the blanket, with my flash light on. The heat from the light made me sweat. Chills running down my spine, my eyes widened and stressed the eyelids to the level where they turned red. I had tears in my eyes. Something brushed through … Continue reading Supernatural


And the fire burns within And the fire burns. It brightens the dark night, it kills, it takes life, it destroys. It burns further. Never extinguishing. It roars in the air. Up in the open, with nothing stopping it. Not the freezing cold night, not the waters from the storm, not the winds from the … Continue reading Fire


The weakest bonds, The pain of the past, the fears, Break the strongest ties, The hesitation, the shaken belief, A broken heart, the tired emotions, The screaming head, the bursting tears, The dreams, washed over with  lies, Is it too good to be true, doubts and frustration , A restless soul, never finding relief. A … Continue reading Trust

Winter Solstice

The sun stood still! A faint Christmas carol heard, Laughter itself giggled through the air, Darkness waiting in the monsters’ lair The cherry lights were put up, The snow was many feet deep, A girl waited for the longest night, to weep. Somewhere far, it was bright, The sun shone right over head, A man … Continue reading Winter Solstice


A dark ink blue of the sky faded into a beautiful dawn. A bright morning blushed and glowed warm, The echoing silence gave in to the sweet songs of morning, The rains that were making love with sorrow, Gave the rainbow clad sky, a newborn charm. All the fantasies defeated the nightmares, The day shone … Continue reading Fantasy


Their legs hung over the edge of the cliff, teasing each other, giggling and throwing back their heads in laughter, the air cleansing their souls, and the echoes ringing in their ears, it was all so pure. The birds were about to fly back to their nests, the air had become cooler, and the clouds … Continue reading Silence

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