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~~~ FIRE Under the brilliance of the evening skies It’s a play worthy of sight The embodiment of the color of fire Dark and tantalizing strokes of crimson A scintillating mimicry of red lava She’s watching the sky light up like never before With the silent ruffle of leaves nearby and far The almost inaudible … Continue reading Anya


~~~ FIRE and you slept soundly in the world that was on fire wake up and behold the first and last light you’ll ever see kindle this fire give it all that’s yours for once in your life you will be invincible know that the falling snow the pouring rain could never quench this fire … Continue reading Nayana


Collaboration for TRUST: ~~~ Phoenix When your world is burnt to ash, When you are hit more than you can take, When it’s a struggle to breathe, When you are dying alive, And you are one step away from eternal failure, Remember, not all hope its lost, For even ashes build up ruined cities, You … Continue reading Kushal


How do thine eyes weave numerous rhymes Thine silence plus-es many worlds and words Soulful and soothing like those wind chimes Few blossom like springs others cut like swords Me admit mine clue-less flaws and cowardice You are a walking poetry, I am no poet could thee not feel me and mine silent cries You … Continue reading Jyotee


How bleak and empty looks the future Without your tender, loving nurture That you pour out upon me so freely Like mother with bade in her fine arms Keeping it soundly safe from all harms Such that I cannot fail to be thankful And in your loving presence gleeful For the compassion you give liberally … Continue reading Jonathan


Three Haiku’s ~~~ Friendship is summer, Where chats are its cute beaches, And trust it’s sunscreen. ~~~ Let me be summer, And summer be what I am, ‘coz summer is best. ~~~ Grandpa and Grandma In summer vacation teach, Just what life taught them. ~ Janki R. ~ from LettersToLife 

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