a cool breeze
brushes neck
a stiff wind
ruffles drapes
inside the house
my goose bumped skin
tells me I am not alone
as I fumble the doorknob
I cannot seem to hold
my shivers back
I stare through the crack
of my bedroom door
spy the rocking chair
swaying on its own
the lights flicker
an unknown specter
appears in wisps

I bite my lips
the scream I want
to unleash
stifled by fear
all I hear
is a creak
a moan
and then
my name

my eyes won’t close
I see it turn
and who would it be
but you, your ghost
your shape, your voice
reminding me
of our times of glee
before the untimely
departure of you

now, the haunting
doomed to repeat
until you finally see
you and I
can never be

~Emily Clapper from PoetGirlEm


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