For days
she wandered
along the trails
in the woods
by life trials
she only knew
she was leaving
not from where
nor where to
following rolling twists
her destination moved
contorting her path
tangled by thorns
shadowed by death
and as she snaked her way
she morphed into decay
unrecognizable she changed
step by step, faded away
her lives shed, skin fled
years fell thudding
to the ground
she chose
to let them go

and slowly she rose
lighter, free
to the precipice
through branches scratches
the sun peeked,
the view steep
and she broke through
to the top,
reborn, resurrected
fresh form formed
from the death
of her lives before

and from now on,
from each step
grass, life, breath

Emily Clapper from PoetGirlEm


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