To dream
to fly to wish
To think to see to feel

Slipping into ethereal realm
Surrendering from real
To land of limitless possibilities
Of adventures far and free
No one to stop my imagination

Not even me…

Conquering impossibility
Flying through bluest skies
Soaring along wake of raging seas
To dip my toes in tropical sand
Or kiss my love on offered hand

To dream to explore to believe
To seek to adventure to be…

No matter how big or vast
the mind can see the paths

At night when drifting deep
Subconscious playground of sleep
To dream to ponder to play
Where thoughts go to stay…

And roll through ideas, wishes
The lists of endless bliss
Sometimes we bury in daylight
Allowed to resurface at night

When our walls are down
Our truths come out
the “if only” and “what ifs”
should and could haves

Uninhibited desires
Love quests, inner fire
That light the heart
The mind, the soul

And when we wake
unhindered, unlocked
We have the chance
To make it real

The power…
All our own



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