Hope Is… …not a heart in a tree… not loftily floating out of reach not sitting on a gilded throne not residing in some mystical realm It is not guarded by angels high glittered by faerie dust or plucked from a flower garden planted by seeds of heart hardened An illusion…this word, these letters four … Continue reading Hope


Rebirth First bated breath: powder blue to flushed pink fragile, screaming, dependent, weak infantile form, vulnerable, soft and pale downy fuzz, eyes blurry, seeking milk Cells divide, new tougher skin grows heart pounds with skeptical hope in time learning to walk, run, trip hardier human form takes shape Thrown callously into earthly wake millions of … Continue reading Metamorphosis


To dream to fly to wish To think to see to feel Slipping into ethereal realm Surrendering from real To land of limitless possibilities Of adventures far and free No one to stop my imagination Not even me… Conquering impossibility Flying through bluest skies Soaring along wake of raging seas To dip my toes in … Continue reading Dream

Time Travel

Here and Now Would you come with me, adventures to see leave our now and anywhere else, just be? Explore other times, you and me, forget our present, for past and future, dance on spacetime’s fabric of history? If we could time travel, let’s fly back in time to watch the pyramids being built in … Continue reading Time Travel


Shed For days she wandered along the trails in the woods darkened by life trials she only knew she was leaving not from where nor where to following rolling twists her destination moved contorting her path tangled by thorns shadowed by death and as she snaked her way she morphed into decay unrecognizable she changed … Continue reading Reborn


Departure a cool breeze brushes neck a stiff wind ruffles drapes inside the house my goose bumped skin tells me I am not alone as I fumble the doorknob I cannot seem to hold my shivers back I stare through the crack of my bedroom door spy the rocking chair swaying on its own the … Continue reading Supernatural


Fire & Tides fire licked sky cobalt night time waves brushed by kissed with a hiss memory of us here, barefoot locked embrace words understood in their silence we knew as the fire knew this moment was born to die replaced by tides along shoreline defiant we stoked the fire higher, higher our love grew … Continue reading Fire


Bewitched She wasn’t born a faerie; she earned her wings her own way. Her imagination started early just out of night’s skies when the sun rose the glittered light shone Her magic coaxed forth wings tickled, prickled out of her strong back fluttered to life, a surprise Forest creatures came to life the mushrooms spoke … Continue reading Fairy


Ledge on the ledge far jump her faith, wobbly her heart, numb adrenaline flows lifetime of woes all have left her no one to know she built her own strength, fight comeback girl wants to fly just not sure how to land feather in hand it floats down to ground distance darkened by black matter … Continue reading Trust

Winter Solstice

Zenith when you reach year’s darkest point that moment you may succumb when you have set up home in blackness where hibernation has taken heart hostage just when you accept it just when you are done just when faith is lost while you ponder all your losses or fumble to make it out lighting candles … Continue reading Winter Solstice

New Year’s Resolution

Resolve resolve to be. resolve to only feel this breath. resolve not to seek perfection. resolve this one step. resolve only acceptance. resolve your worries. resolve not to hate yourself. resolve to be yourself. resolve to love yourself. resolve to live this today. resolve to stay out of tomorrow. resolve to not promise. resolve to … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution


Freedom should not be a fantasy For all it should be a right And where others have it, Their hands must extend the fight To bring in the lost and starving From lands that deny them peace To hold them in warm comfort Immigrants, and wayward refugees As when one loses human rights All humans … Continue reading Fantasy


Shades of nothing roll across waves of space in darkness tempted by stars’ growing grace In silence, implosions the quiet destruction to begin anew in black history writing, written In the vacuum, eyes hear in bright yellow sparks fire roars in retinas not one sound stirred Save the sound of the soul… it squirms, the … Continue reading Silence


~ The Only You ~ Give me your bold truth show me your whole face reveal me your entire heart peel back your camouflaged layers tell me your past, your past’s past feed me your version of facts open up your naked soul raw read me no narratives false underneath the molded mask lifetimes of … Continue reading Authentic


Nurture ~ Haiku your tender hands touch love breaks walls, defense crumbles my heart’s scars soften ~ Emily C. ~ from PoetGirlEm


You told me you loved me in the ocean that day. In the heat of our summer our love was to stay. Fell into your open arms like a sail on a windless day; you caught me, mermaid fish fooled by staged flashy play. Your eyes spoke contorted desire to keep a gentle sea treasure; … Continue reading Summer

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