Your Art in the Spotlight

A beautiful piece of art by: Denzil Walton


The Beauty All Around Us

Tune: Ewing (e.g. Jerusalem the Golden)

The beauty all around us, throughout the universe,

So wonderful in essence, delightfully diverse.

Antarctica to Asia; the jungles of Brazil,

Established by the Father; and all evolving still.


From mountain tops to valleys; in forests and in parks,

We watch the playful squirrels; we hear the joyful larks.

Wild orchids so unusual; bright parakeets so loud,

Rare butterflies so fragile; the tiger standing proud.


Deep mysteries, of oceans and unknown outer space,

Migration paths of swallows, the eagle’s nesting place.

The more we gain in knowledge, the less we understand

This world so rich and complex; this wondrous, sacred land.


But crisis looms upon us; the planet’s under threat,

The global climate’s changing, the balance is upset.

The melting of the ice caps; diversity declines,

Extinction of key species; we’re overwhelmed with signs.


So Father please forgive us for spoiling Planet Earth,

Give us a chance to change it; to instigate new birth,

Let’s care for your creation, in details and in whole

Protect, preserve and cherish; may this be our new goal.

© Denzil Walton


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Your Art in the Spotlight

This week a piece of art by our regular guest-artist in the spotlight: Sarah

Prepare yourselves for an unrivaled experience! This one has it all – mystery, love and… crime?? 😉 The next chapter of My Slightly Different Count Dracula is going to be published this weekend with a lovely surprise coming your way… and for those of you who can´t wait that long, watch the following! 🙂 […]

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Your Art in the Spotlight

A beautiful piece of art by: K E Garland


This was one of the first kwotes I created. Many friends and family call, text or inbox me for advice and encouragement. Listening to someone with my whole heart and then offering what I think will inspire them is inherent for me. In fact, a former student asked if I was a high school cheerleader because of how much I stand behind and uplift others.

Well, there came a time during my 360-mile commute that I felt I had no one to reassure me. Even a cheerleader needs encouraging, I posted to FB. I couldn’t think of one person who I could turn to that would offer words of motivation. If I called my grandmother, then she’d remind me of how dumb I was to have taken the job in the first place. If I talked with my husband, then he would remind me that this was a choice I made, regardless of his early warnings. If I spoke to anyone else, then they would try to solve the problem for me and that wasn’t what I wanted or needed at the time. I wanted someone to tell me, “Hey! You can do it! You’ve done more challenging things in your life. This is no different.” I found that the only person that was going to tell me that was, ME. Consequently, this kwote was born.  Cause, guess what? Every now and then, we all have to dig deep and find that inner strength. Trust me; it’s there.

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Your Art in the Spotlight

A beautiful piece of art by: Janki Raichura


I would better be

“Oh dear, may I take you with me to make people happy again?” The kind potter asked.

“Before hearing my answer, can you please tell me what did you do with my companion you took?” I asked.

“Oh! He is the most happiest he could ever be. I moulded him into the most beautiful pot I had ever made and sold him to a man. Now he stays in his house and helps them as he holds water for them.” He kindly replied.

“But tell me will he stay there for his entire life?” I asked.

“Yes, he will! Here you are useless, you will be useful to so many after I will mould you.” He answered.

“What if he breaks? Will they still keep him?” I again asked.

“No, they will throw him. But I have made it so strong that he won’t break so easily and atleast not for some months.” He replied again.

“My dear potter, whenever he breaks kindly put him again with me in this soil. He would then be again happy. Isn’t it?” I requested.

“No, he is now so strong that he cannot mix with sand again anymore.” The potter replied.

“Then I would call it as rigidity that strength. And our life goes beyond hundreds of men. We live much after you die. So I will not like to live rest of my life being much useless.

I would better be this soft. Atleast a seed germinates in me and he never leaves me until his life ends.

I would better be this porous. Atleast water cherishes my heart and not leaves me for someone else to drink except for the seeds I grow.

I would better be this mild. Atleast small children play in me heartily.

I would better be this flexible. Atleast I can breathe and live before my life ends.

I would better be this useless. Atleast I am useful to some and those care for me.”


Sometimes be useless, be mild; it is much better than being rigid. Once you start shaping your thoughts they may never be able to regain their flexibility. So never mould them. Always let them take the shape they take with time. 

No doubt, it is very necessary to put down your boundaries and put up your disciples, but never make your thoughts so self-centered that you don’t ever get a chance to look out of the box.



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