The Strix will take an extended break

Summer arrived, or will arrive soon, for the core members of The Strix.
To be able to enjoy this season, retrieve energy and attend to other
important matters in our lives, we are going to take an extended break.

We will miss our dear followers/readers and if you
happen to miss us too…
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We will leave you with our very first
collaboration to remind you and ourselves:



Here’s to those who live by in this world one day at a time doing what the world
asks of
them. Who turned a struggle into an addiction and
desire into compulsion. Those who spend every night on their bed,
mind drowned in thoughts, heart unwanting to beat. . .
You hold onto your wait for better days to come, and tell yourself that they won’t.
You hope. . .


Art by Alpe John


Hope Is…

…not a heart in a tree…
not loftily floating out of reach
not sitting on a gilded throne
not residing in some mystical realm

It is not guarded by angels high
glittered by faerie dust
or plucked from a flower garden
planted by seeds of heart hardened

An illusion…this word, these letters four
cannot be grasped by hands rich or poor
it is not attainable by prayers
it will not bow on command

It is not tangible or visible
it dances to no one’s tune
you cannot buy it with money
it does not arrive gift-wrapped

Hope is…

when you are beaten down
when the smile is replaced by a frown
when you are on your bruised knees
and you decide to stand on sore feet

It is the moment you want to give in…but don’t
it is when your heart feels like breaking
yet you break it open wide, again and again
daring to love despite the risk present

It is when you wake up in the morning
when you didn’t want to…and rise
It is when you refuse to succumb
to the pounding of the dark tides

Hope is composed of the moments you decide
to continue your path despite all there is to spite
it’s knowing that there is always light, your light,
even in the darkest of night

Hope is stained, dirty, tattered,
it is born from the ashes of the phoenix

You are
that phoenix…


is you.

~ Emily Clapper from PoetGirlEm


Bathed in soft lilacs, blues,
Filtering hues of colour through,
A veil of white while the outcomes wait,
Are they reflected in the colours,
You see from where you lay?
Will you stay here longer?
Will you wait another day?
The eye of heaven watches,
Blazing hot under its gaze,
Your patience sizzles and,
Your courage boils, still,
Boils again, as you stay in the shadow,
Though the sun shines high,
Over your skin where you lay,
Will you stay here longer?
Will you wait another day?
A fleeting dart of dark flies,
Once, twice, over your head,
Free to roam free of charge,
Its flight light from all the,
Things that it doesn’t carry,
And all you do is watch from where you lay,
Will you stay here longer?
Will you wait another day?
In hope that tomorrow,
Would bring new colour,
Or in hope that tonight,
Would bring new change?
Your eyes search the sky,
Where the sun starts to melt,
In hope of finding answers,
In hope of being felt,
While you mind mingles with thoughts,
Your heart whispers you this:
Don’t stay here longer,
Don’t wait another day.

~ Michelle Joseph


Hope is courage. Hope is the strength. Being like the last piece
of breath, the last drop of water, the last breath you take, hope
requires courage to live on the last of everything you have.
Hope is that faint, vague presence of light in complete darkness.

I believed and then I did not, I trusted, and then I did not.
But hope remained, in hiding, camouflaged with the thousands thoughts running.
Hope always stays. Like that good friendwho shall never leave your side.
Hope is always there, all you have to do is find yours!
All you have to do is to hope for the light to arrive, in time.

~ Kashaf Shaikh from AWordWarriorsBlog


You look at night to the sky above and only see darkness.
Your head filled with noise.
Why even breathe.
It is so easy to get lost, losing yourself in the world we live in today.
It’s so easy to surrender to desperation.
Disappearing in the darkness.

The world has changed.

Give way to someone with less errands at the supermarket?
Unthinkable: you’ve been waitingyourself for two minutes.
Once, it was natural to talk to your lonely elderly neighbor,
now you act as if you didn’t see her. So busy with self-imposed duties.
Worry about what is happening around the globe?
No way, enough burdens on your own plate.

The world has changed.

We take less and less time for each other. We rather assume
the worst about a person, instead of taking the time to find out
the reason why someone does, what he/she does.
Chopping each other’s heads, bombing one another, since
trying to understand each other’s ancient culture,
values, opinions, feelings seems to be too difficult.

The world has changed.

Embrace the beauty of darkness.
Hear the whispering of life.
You’re not alone, more beautiful souls in the world, waiting to be found.
Cry, hurt, scream, fear, smile, laugh, dance, care.
Step into the circle of life.


 ~ Patty from Mimosa Pudica


His name was Afzal, no more than seven,
A child innocent, a victim of war,
Just a few days back, I had met him,
While, covering the bombings in Afghanistan,
The sight of the blasts horrendous & scary,
With lifeless bodies, ripped off flesh,
A few of them who survived the blasts,
Ran, for a little mercy in horror,
Broken houses screamed in silence,
Small children wounded and bleeding,
Cried in the streets unattended,
There I had seen this boy with courage,
Holding a white flag in his hands,
Sitting by the side of his lifeless father,
Surprisingly, I saw no tears in his eyes,
I moved closer to hear his whispers,
“Father, your son is strong to shed no tears,
To change things for better, I am going out there,
Holding a flag of peace in my hand,
Every beat of my heart, beating in hope,
Determined to melt the hearts of those demons,
How I hope to turn them to humans,
I remember your words, they echo in my mind,
The day will come, there shall be peace,
No more pain, no one will die anymore,
No sight of bloody bodies on the roads,
Holding my flag so white and flawless,
I shall march, I shall not give up,
My hope persistent to conquer the inhuman,
For I shall not let my children to witness,
A world so wounded, chained by terrorism.”

~ Zigyasa Kakkar from Mysestina


“Hope is a thin line between holding on and giving up.
It will never turn real unless one acts and wills.”

~  Cezane

Expression Crossing Continents




Your Art in the Spotlight

A beautiful piece of art by: Denzil Walton


The Beauty All Around Us

Tune: Ewing (e.g. Jerusalem the Golden)

The beauty all around us, throughout the universe,

So wonderful in essence, delightfully diverse.

Antarctica to Asia; the jungles of Brazil,

Established by the Father; and all evolving still.


From mountain tops to valleys; in forests and in parks,

We watch the playful squirrels; we hear the joyful larks.

Wild orchids so unusual; bright parakeets so loud,

Rare butterflies so fragile; the tiger standing proud.


Deep mysteries, of oceans and unknown outer space,

Migration paths of swallows, the eagle’s nesting place.

The more we gain in knowledge, the less we understand

This world so rich and complex; this wondrous, sacred land.


But crisis looms upon us; the planet’s under threat,

The global climate’s changing, the balance is upset.

The melting of the ice caps; diversity declines,

Extinction of key species; we’re overwhelmed with signs.


So Father please forgive us for spoiling Planet Earth,

Give us a chance to change it; to instigate new birth,

Let’s care for your creation, in details and in whole

Protect, preserve and cherish; may this be our new goal.

© Denzil Walton


Original posted: HERE
(Read the story behind this beautiful piece of art!)

The Strix ~ Summer

This time the topic was chosen by John and I thought ‘Summer? Spring hasn’t even really started yet’. Then I realized, Summer did start in parts of the world already, as it also did where John lives. The Summer season may remind you of blue skies, with the sun shining bright, bringing warmth into your life again. However, if you’re in pain (mentally, physically, emotionally, financially) the sun might not make you feel better.

This month we’ve got requests from two great artists to create for a collaboration. We love to have others joining us and are sure, you will appreciate the entries of both S Francis and Janki, as much as we do.

We hope this collaboration gives you food for thought and also helps you to remind: there are more people in the world who might go through the ‘Summer blues’. However, don’t forget either, as cliché as it may be:

“Every Cloud has a Silver Lining.”
John Milton

~ Patty W.

~ from MimosaPudica



You told me you loved me
in the ocean that day.
In the heat of our summer
our love was to stay.

Fell into your open arms
like a sail on a windless day;
you caught me, mermaid fish
fooled by staged flashy play.

Your eyes spoke contorted desire
to keep a gentle sea treasure;
a trophy proudly conquered
for your own distorted pleasure.

On your enchanting lure
sewn with words, colored;
hung with saccharin promises,
false display you glittered.

Dangling from invisible line
— you yanked,
snagged…I sputter.
— you cranked,

Hooked…I reel — in your truth.
Blinded by sun in my eyes,
its warmth mocked the cold
inside your heart’s ice.

You told me you loved me
in the ocean that day,
the end of our summer,
the start of my decay.

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm 


Three Haiku’s


Friendship is summer,

Where chats are its cute beaches,

And trust it’s sunscreen.


Let me be summer,

And summer be what I am,

‘coz summer is best.


Grandpa and Grandma

In summer vacation teach,

Just what life taught them.

~ Janki R.

~ from LettersToLife 


Strange Weather Patterns

Scientists give them names
Ominous Names
Foreign Names
that mean little
to plain speaking folk:
it’s still hot in the summer
and cold in the winter
even in New Orleans.

Who do we blame? A stranger initiates
an unexpected debate in the bagel shop.
He crosses space dug by digital divides
to challenge the certainty of our solution.
Time won’t cool the tempers just
increase the gap into indifference.
Perhaps we blame ourselves?

We fail to recognize humanity
across the distances that divide
within the differences that hide
the common rhythm of our pulse.
If two remained would we still seethe
or would we reveal a love hidden by
failed assumptions in this experiment?

I just turn down the noise
until I can hear the cricket rub
his legs together in my mud room.
I wonder if the Earth has
decided it is time for a change
never really considering
either side of the argument.

~ S. Francis

~ from SailorPoet 


~ Sarah from ArtExpedition


Expressions Crossing Continents



Topic by AlpeJohn 

Featured Image by AlpeJohn

Logo by AlpeJohn