About The Strix

The Strix started as a group of seven talented bloggers who came together to stand as one big happy family. The unconditional love within this group is endless, as much as it is powerful. However, members of a family are each unique individuals and need to be able to follow their own paths; follow their hearts and go where their souls direct them to go.

Two beautiful souls, who will always be a part of this family and therefor always have a place in our hearts, decided to follow a new path. We wish Cezane & Michelle love, luck and happiness at their new adventures life has to offer.

The Strix will continue to reach out to every beautiful soul in the world, like the sun does during the day, using art to express what’s real, whilst each individual rises to ideal.

Connect with us here at our blog or via  Facebook

Emily, John, Kashaf, Patty, Zigyasa


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