The Strix – Fantasy

Throughout history, art has been a way to express feelings, concerns, opinions. Nowadays, art is still used for that purpose. Art is also a way to reach out to, and, maybe even more important, to connect people.
With a hidden world-war becoming a visible and very real one, art is needed again. Read our art, listen to the messages, take it in.
Reach out, connect.

The Strix 
Expression Crossing Continents


Freedom should not be a fantasy


For all it should be a right


And where others have it,


Their hands must extend the fight


To bring in the lost and starving


From lands that deny them peace


To hold them in warm comfort


Immigrants, and wayward refugees


As when one loses human rights


All humans lose their liberty


Freedom should not be a fantasy


Denying it is evil’s egocentric vanity


So stand up tall and reject this hate


Speak for those who are targeted


Don’t relax and accept our fate


For their fate and ours 


are connected

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm


~ AlpeJohn


Escape into Fantasy
Only option left
to create a peaceful reality?

~ Patty W.
~ from Mimosa Pudica


A dark ink blue of the sky faded into a beautiful dawn.
A bright morning blushed and glowed warm,
The echoing silence gave in to the sweet songs of morning,
The rains that were making love with sorrow,
Gave the rainbow clad sky, a newborn charm.

All the fantasies defeated the nightmares,
The day shone gold as dreams came true,
All the life filled back into the world
As the sky turned the palest blue,
and the clouds were painted silver.

My fantasy, a place, a happy place in the dark, cold world. A dream that shall come true if
we all think bright and positive and happy. A fantasy of every human being,
to make the earth, our paradise,

if only we take the efforts to be happy!

Kashaf S.



Expressions Crossing Continents Expression Crossing Continents



Topic by Kashaf
Featured Image by Sarah
Logo by AlpeJohn 


19 thoughts on “The Strix – Fantasy

  1. Miss Gentileschi says:

    Reblogged this on Art Expedition and commented:
    My lovely friend Patty asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would like to pitch in as a more regular contributor to The Strix because their main artist John told her that he needed a little break . My answer was of course “Yes!” 🙂 So, I´m going to join this fantastic blog that combines so many talented and different artists for a little while. 🙂 In this post I was even granted the header although John luckily could make it after all! Please visit the artists and their blogs as well as “The Strix”. 🙂

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