A whole new year…

… to create beautiful, meaningful, provocative and/or interesting art again, together with artists crossing continents. Are you as excited as we are?!?!

Our next collaboration will be published January 15, so make sure to visit us here and find out The Strix perspectives with regard to New Year’s Resolutions.

As of Friday we will start sharing Your Art again, twice a week.

We started during the holiday season to collect and display the entries of our members and (art-)friends, created for each collaboration last year, separately. This means you can find pieces by the hand of one artist all together at one section. See the menu-bar ‘About’.

One section is ready: All the beautiful pieces of art Emily created for The Strix you can find


Of course all our collaborations will remain available too: you can go to the menu-bar and click at Our Art to read and re-read 😉

The Strix wishes you all a magnificent 2017, peace and health, with lots of creativeness! We look forward to create together, read and share your art, connect with you again throughout this whole new year. ..

Leaving you with a powerful thought written by  Emily:

Original posted here.


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