Your Art in the Spotlight

A beautiful piece of art by: Quas Production



Inspiration thou art
ever my deceptive apparition
Unfolding slowly in brief wisps
of enamored impression
only to disperse within a breath

Reveal yourself this day
oh contrary wraith
for this soul pangs empty longing
while passion be your shadow
rather than my lover

Endow me muse
steeped in luminous awareness
if your intention be my ascending
Braid this coil with hopeful volition
rather than straggling promotion

Or deny me
Grant this thin shell silence
as my first inclination
replacing glared condemnation
In ruffled tones

Now leave me spirit
your day is done
for what great lesson
shall I continue to endure
at your whim
No, I shall not have it

Photo: In the Middle of No Fear





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