Good Enough; For Now by Manuel

Manuel, one of our regular guest artist, created a beautiful piece for the challenge of this week: Hope.  It is a great piece of art, so we hope you enjoy it too:

Good Enough; For Now

The feeling that what is wanted can be had,
Perhaps if you want it bad enough.
Voices of reasons said and at times I can feel them in my chest.
“Things will turn out for the best”

Hard to comprehend how hope works,
How the lights of those little sparks live marks.
The expectations for another day are slim
But the road is long and can’t slow down, even if it seems grim.

To look forward to another minute is good enough,
The path is rough,
But still 60 seconds become my only hope,
And that is good enough for now.

The unquenched desire is still there,
Lingering, like an evil stare,
Always waiting for the right time to strike,
But little by little, hope is helping remove that painful spike,
And for now, that is good enough,
That is good enough for me; FOR NOW!!!


More beautiful art by the hand of Manuel you can find: here.


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