Magical Sphere by Manuel

Manuel, one of our regular guest artist, created a beautiful piece for the challenge of this week: Earth.  It is marvelous, so we hope you enjoy it too:

Magical Sphere

For some a magical sphere,
For others a prison of fear.
Wherever it is, we must accept that this is our home
We really need to stop trying to make it our catacomb.

Children of earth, we are
One heart no scar.
The stars shine only for us,
Angels, telling us there is no need to embrace fuss.

Our mother suffers because we slap her in the face,
After everything she has done for us, why don’t we see her grace?
Why do we cause so much destruction?
What is causing such obstruction in our minds? Strange seduction?

This is my home, your home, let us take care of her and of one and other
Celestial kinship, we are all blood sisters and brothers.
Let this be a sphere of hope
Let others out in space see us with their telescope.

United we are strong,
A harmonious song,
Together as one, we can’t go wrong,
Let our union in this sphere of hope be our theme song.


More beautiful art by the hand of Manuel you can find: here.


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