Poem by Nayana Nair

We have published our Blog just yesterday and already an Artist connected with us 🙂
She send in a poem and we are happy to publish it!

“Not Well Lived”

Lets walk into the fire
Cause nothing can hurt us more.
If this is what the end looks like
The story was not well lived.
Look into his eyes. What do you see?
You’d wish to see helplessness.
You’d wish to see doubt.
You’d wish to see cruelty.
You’d wish to see jealousy along with love.
But you are not sure of what you see.
His eyes are as dead as yours.
You see a man
who must do what is to be done.
So lets take our heart back from these people, from this world
Which can never be your own.
Let’s put it back into our own grieving chest
Where it belongs.
Lets walk into the fire.
Lets walk away from this world
That no longer wants us.

Nayana Nair


The context of the poem is in relation to a scene in Ramayan, where Sita is asked to give AgniPariksha. In short: A king, who was known for his morality asked his wife to step into fire to prove her purity. She had been abducted by some demon. Although she was always faithful to her husband, people still wanted proof. They believed that if she stepped into fire, and comes out unharmed again, she is pure. Ironically in some versions of the story she had to give this test twice.

Visit Nayana at her own blog: itrainsinmyheart

source sketch; Google


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