We are so happy and excited to announce in this first post of our own Blog:

The Strix is still alive !

Maybe you missed out on our previous collaborations?
You can find them on the menu-bar, when you hover over ‘Our Art‘.
Our latest piece of Art: Supernatural, with Manuel and Kashaf as guest-writers.

The lovely Kashaf is back in our team and Manuel will be joining us as a regular guest-writer 🙂 You would like to join us sometime too? We would be honored, so all you need to do is contact us!

It is lots of fun to write and talk together, however our main priority: you, dear readers, are entertained! So please be so kind and let us know your thoughts by liking and/or commenting. Should you choose to subscribe to our blog, imagine us jumping up and down of excitement by each new follower. Really, we will feel so honored!

We aim to release a new collaboration twice a month, with a least one guest-writer joining us. Besides that, we are going to challenge you on a regular base, more about that in our next post. Last, but not least: We would like to offer other Artists a platform. Visit our page ‘Your Art ‘to introduce yourself and leave a link to your art.


The Strix -Expression Crossing Continents


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